Capt Hugh & The Contessa

Capt. Hugh broadcasts weakly from 7a - 1p

Weekends he and his wife The Contessa  share their love of music, movie watching, boating, travel and more along with #DeepDive's in to Artists, Songs and Albums.
New Shows Saturdays 2-6p  Eastern
Yacht Club Brunch Replays Sunday 10a - 2p

Lt Dann's Float Plann

Your Host from Florida's Sun Coast
1-7p Weekdays

Along with a cast of characters that includes:
Mrs. Lt. Dann, Officer Opal, Commander Charlie and Wilson the perpetually spinning beach ball -
Lt. Dann tells tales of the road and his many days of working in the entertainment industry, propping up the greats!

...And the Rest!

Remember Season 1 of Gilligan's Island? 

And "the rest"?
It was literally 2 more people!
Lego model:
Cap'n Pappy

Your 45's Are 50

This weekly syndicated countdown show originating from Studio Sea highlights the Top 40 songs, World events and birthdays -
50 years ago EACH WEEK!

Catch new episodes every weekend and relive past episodes HERE

Bob Zak

Bob was drawn to radio by his love of music and entertaining people. He has worked on the air at BobZak many popular radio stations around the country over the years for a wide range of music formats and still enjoys being on the radio today as much as he did when played his first record on the radio back in the 1980s. His familiar voice has also been heard on more than 3000 commercials. Bob loves golf, playing the drums and a good cigar.  But most of all, he enjoys bringing great music and fun to the weekends on
Yacht Rockin Radio.

Yacht Rock Podcast
with Tom and John Nixon

“Out of the Main” is a yacht rock podcast celebrating and exploring the past, presence—and, yes!—even the future of one of the most proficient and accomplished eras of musicianship and studio production...perhaps ever. “Out of the Main” was launched by two of the genre’s biggest fans—both musicians themselves—who, like a growing wave of aficionados all around the world, have been exploring the history, the enjoyment, and now the potential of the West Coast Cool sound of the late 70s and early 80s. Join the revelry. Partake in the nostalgia. Discover buried treasures.
And explore new, perhaps even uncharted, waters of Yacht Rock perfection.

Sat 3-8p

Ensign began his radio career on dry land but has recently taken to the seas with gusto!

Your Name HERE?

We're alway looking for interested sailors to come aboard YachtRockinRadio!
Pacific Coast, Isles or PNW a plus.