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Experimenting with animation during lockdown, Capt Hugh put this little story together.
Studio Sea makes a cameo at the end too!

Caution! F-Bombs ahead! NSFW/C

"It's twue, It's twue" at 02:12 is a reference to Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles

Capt Hugh was part of a talent collective called SINGLE . BARREL . DETROIT .
We made video art with live music. These are our Rodriguez collection.

"The Detroit Institute of Arts, the marble mammoth of Woodward is quiet, and we are quiet - all individually trying to think of interesting things to say to Rodriguez. He is almost indistinguishable from the city itself - smiling, enigmatic, dressed in black - older than each of us - and as we look back and forth and smile and nod his presence is pleasantly and gently intimidating".- Phreddy Wischusen

Dad's the dude!
But the tube is a DUD!

KT Tunstall doing a solo layered version of her hit!

Clip of the film about the early days of Detroit / Midwest Hardcore Punk .

This is a fun mashup with new boats and an old song, Happy 86th Jerry Keller!

"This Is Spinal Tap" movie idea began as a skit on 1979's "The TV Show" on ABC!

Straight No Chaser Promo video for their new album and tour that celebrates the smooth sounds of Yacht Rockin Radio!
*I know what you'll be asking, it's the Lexus LY650*

Capt Hugh worked on this video, see if you can spot him in the back seat!

Here's another fun movie that Capt Hugh got to work on!

Heywood Banks - YEAH TOAST 🍞.mp4

RIP Raquel Welch, 82

RIP Ken Block at 55
I met him working on Gymkhana 10 for Amazon Prime
but this video was my introduction to his driving!

And some of the Detroit scenes Capt Hugh got to work on
with Ken and the Gang!

Here's a fun commercial Capt Hugh had the pleasure of working on!