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Rear Cover

Here's Our selection to do a live album Jan 15, 2024 at 12 N Eastern.


  Track listing Ronco VA – Get It On (1974)

A1 Brownsville Station - Smokin' in the Boys Room
Debuted 100 Halloween week 1973 #3 this week where it peaked in US and Canada
A2 Ohio Players - Funky Worm
Debuted #94 Feb 24, 1973 peaked at #15
A3 Jim Stafford - Spiders and Snakes
Debuted #97 Nov 10, 1973 Peaked at 38
A4 Johnny Nash - Stir It Up
Debuted #84 Feb 10, 1973 peaked at 12
A5 Barry White - I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More, Baby
Debuted April 14, 1973 peaked at 3 behind Playground in the 2nd half
A6 Jerry Lee Lewis - Drinkin' Wine
Debuted #81 April 7th 1973 stalled at 41
A7 B.B. King - To Know You Is to Love You
Debuted #84 August 4 peaked at 38
A8 The Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can
Debuted #92 August 18 peaked at 11
A9 Maureen McGovern - The morning After (Song From "The Poseidon Adventure")
Debuted June 23 at #99 spent 2 weeks at #1
A10 The O'Jays - Love Train
Debuted #61 January 20th 1973
B1 Clint Holmes - Playground in My Mind
Debuted #83 Mar 24, 1973 Peaked at #2 June 2rd
B2 Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show - Cover of the "Rolling Stone"
Debuted Dec 2nd 1972 Peaked at 6
B3 The Stylistics - You'll Never Get to Heaven
Debuted #77 May 19, 1973 Peaked at 12
B4 Lobo - I'd Love You to Want Me
Debuted #83 Sept 23 1972 Peaked at #2 Nov 25 1972
B5 Four Tops - Ain't No Woman (Like the One I've Got)
Debuted #87 Feb 3 1972 Peaked at 4
B6 Deodato - Also sprach Zarathrustra
Debuted #89 August 25 1973 peaked at 2
B7 Dobie Gray - Drift Away
Debuted #85 Feb 24 Peaked at 5
B8 Donna Fargo - The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A.
Debuted #95 Sept 30, 1972 Peaked at 11August 1972
B9 Billy Paul - Me & Mrs. Jones
Debuted #74 Nov 4 1972 2 weeks at #1 Dec 1972
B10 Ian Thomas - Painted Ladies
Debuted #96 Oct 27th 1973 Only got to #3

Here are a couple of photos after the recent attack on Snuggles.
Any ideas on what animal it could have been?
She climbed 20 feet up a tree to get away!!!
Dec 15 Update: Snuggles is healing fine and the vet is very pleased. Once the hair grows in, she'll be good as new!

A LEGO imagining of Mac MacAnally and Jimmy Buffet on stage!

Photo: Rich Savoie / Facebook

Check out this link to get your brackets print out!

This, This....This is the Remix


This model boat is next to Sea Delight in storage.
The Contessa has what they call 20-foot-itus!

Poooonch-key Day!

Celebrate "National Wisconsin Day"
by watching a film Capt Hugh worked on!

Feb 2023

Best Original Song - Golden Globes 2023

A Short I worked on a decade or so ago.
It's a silly premise but ENJOY!

This recently jumped to the top of our wish list
as the next Studio Sea!